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General Information

The purpose of Masters Degree without Thesis is to provide theoretical and practical information and skills about systemic and systematic analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of educational systems by using technology to teachers and educators who work under National Education Ministry, higher education facilites, central and rural ministry bodies, military forces and private sector.
The audience of the program is generally professionals who work outside of Ankara so it is very hard for these people to get permission from their institutions and to come to Ankara in order to attend classes. The workers need programs offered over the internet in order to meet their educational and occupational development necessities without having to get permission or travel. These warants require the arrangement of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Masters Degree without Thesis (online) program.
There has been consensus that dissemination of the accumulation of the practical and scientific knowledge to the society via distance education masters program would increase the quality of education in our country.
The vision of our university is to raise individuals who possess universal information reaching and information using skills, who have experience in health, education, communication, art, environment, industry, commerce and technology fields, who are researcher, dynamic and aware of country problems, successful in their career , open to competition, in close relation with international environments, sensitive to environmental protection and who protects our cultural and historical values . In this respect, under the foreseen program, it is planned to raise researchers who are directed towards the usage, development and planning of educational technologies.
Graduate education, gives opportunities to students the chance to explore the sub branches of their occupation witht the help of research and courses. The learning outcomes that this study, which is exciting and interesting from occupational point of view, provides are :
- To perform independent investigational and developmental study,
- To synthesis knowledge from research,
- To take tasks in projects and to lead,
- To understand the societal effects of technological developments,
- To grasp the importance of life-long learning.