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Profile of the Programme

The purpose of Computer Education and Instructional Technology Masters Degree without Thesis Programme is to provide theoretical and practical information and skills about systemic and systematic analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of educational systems by using technology to teachers and educators who work under National Education Ministry, higher education facilites, central and rural ministry bodies, military forces and private sector.
There has been consensus that dissemination of the accumulation of the practical and scientific knowledge to the society via distance education masters program would increase the quality of education in our country.
The priorities mentioned below are in among main objectives of the program.
- First of all, the program will provide educators who are at the key point in education in the public and private sectors to gain knowledge and experience which can be transferred to students by distance education method. Moreover, it will provide current theoretical and practical knowledge and skills on the topic of analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instructional system by using technology mainly. Educators equipped with this knowledge and skills will significantly contribute to enable/activate of teaching and learning process.
-The program can bring solutions to the problems of education in our country and contributing to the creation of scientific and practical knowledge for developing new models. It will develop/train individuals who are thinking, questioning, creative and have problem-solving skills, as well as it will contribute to the training of human resources which can make all people in the society accepted and transferred the life-long learning.
-Another objective of the program is to increase research capacity and diversity which have already remained at a quite insufficient level in the field of instructional technology. Researchers carrying out their studies/researches in different disciplines at our university will be announced the research results based on the original data to the public by doing research on lacking issues.
-The program will significantly contribute to increase the development of interdisciplinary studies and the capacity of interdisciplinary research at our university.
-The courses in the program will provide an opportunity of theoretical approaches as well as the development and application of practical work; it will help our instructors' and students' increasing their knowledge and experience of the practical study execution.
Due to all these reasons, graduates working in different areas/fields may wish to develop/improve in the use and implementation of instructional technology. This proposed program will offer this facility to prospective individuals.