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General Information

The aim of the Economics Program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze economic phenomena, conduct research, predict and make the right decision in a rapidly changing world. For this purpose, the program envisages providing students with a solid theoretical and quantitative, statistical and econometric background and balancing this with applied fields.

Economics in its specific form in a society is in close interaction with the political and social structure of the society. The correct perception and analysis of economic phenomena depends on their handling within the framework of political and social evolution and contexts. In the program, theoretical and formal economics teaching is balanced with social science courses and an examination of the development of economic thought and institutions.

The department works in close cooperation with the other departments of the Faculty and enables the students to develop themselves in the direction they want and to make an effective career planning with elective courses.

Our department teaches in two different undergraduate programs, Turkish and English. In addition, Thesis and Non-Thesis Master's programs are available within the department.

The goal of the program is to prepare students for effective post-graduation employment in the public and private sectors, and to provide the students who want to continue their education at the master's and doctoral level.