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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Define the fundamental concepts and theories of economics and related sub-disciplines.
  • Describe the mechanism behind the economic theories and models.
  • Identify the roles of economic agents and the interactions between them.
  • Interpret the real life events and issues in economics using the information provided within the field.
  • Interpret the economic information provided in terms of quantitative, qualitative and graphical form.
  • Integrate ethical principles gained during the education into responsible decision-making process.
  • Use mathematical, statistical and econometric methods and tools to solve economic problems.
  • Formulate the cause and effect relationship between economic variables.
  • Relate the economic concepts and knowledge with other disciplines.
  • Detect the appropriate economic proposition for solving and explaining current economic problems.
  • Communicate both in written and verbal with all segments of the society using field related knowledge and skills.
  • Organize and support activities with social awareness and responsibility that can influence social dynamics of the society.
  • Construct economic models using theoretical and practical knowledge for policy recommendation.