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General Information

The Department of Radio, Television and Cinema Doctorate Program aims to explore the field of communication with sociological, philosophical, economic-political and psychological axes.
This theoretical infrastructure is also supported in the context of practical applications with the Radio Başkent, Radio Television and Cinema Production Workshop, Communication Design Workshop and two computer labs within the Faculty of Communication of Başkent University. Our students can also get support from Kanal B Television for program and news production.

The doctorate program is designed in a way that will enable our student candidates to comprehend the scientific background of the field in a theoretical way and help them to be nourished intellectually through practical courses. In this context, a course system has been prepared to provide a profound academic background to both our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as candidates who have completed their academic studies in other universities and faculties.

Our academic staff includes faculty members who are directly fed from the field of communication, as well as competent faculty members who are specialized in disciplines such as Economics, Anthropology and Psychology. As such, doctoral students who will study at Başkent University Radio Television and Cinema Doctorate Program will perceive the field from different perspectives, and will be able to read the theoretical infrastructure of communication within the framework of social theory in different layers. In addition, students will have a knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative research methods and will be able to construct and implement concrete research on communication.

The language of instruction of the program is Turkish. Foreign language (English) is threshold; For this reason, some courses can be taught in English, while others use English resources.