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General Information

Department of Sociology aims to educate sociologists and scientists with a sociological perspective who will be able to understand and tell the social and cultural structure of our country both domestically and in abroad and to be able to take an active role in these studies by carrying out qualitative and quantitative researches. There are theoretical and apllied courses in the department such as social structure and change, modernization and culture. Carrying this structure of the undergraduate level to the masters level will provide a qualified education to our students.
In the framework of sociology graduate education, there are courses such as anthropology, education, law, economics, communication, psychology, art, politics, history, etc. There is a necessity to tuse the findings of these areas, making common scientific researches with these areas, making projects and to carry these shares to an international level. Thus, the current education and training process will not be only in a local dimension but will be moved to an international dimension. Our goals in the sociology thesis master program are:
Contribution to the education of Qualified Academicians/ Contribution to Qualified Workforce in Different Sectors
-Interdisciplinary Scientific Sharing
-Education of Academic Staff
-Supporting the formation of a qualified academic environment through international cooperation
-Establishing the basis for comprehensive and detailed studies
The sociology thesis masters program consists of 4 academic semesters. There are 3 professors,3 assistant professors, 5 assistant professors and 4 research assistants in the department.