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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Care for universal values.
  • Participate willingly to develop her/himself and her/his institution as being open to new information and ideas.
  • Apply the basic values and principles of the educational system and approaches, aims, goals and methods of the specific field of the teaching program.
  • Develop mathematical knowledge.
  • Possess and perform problem solving, reasoning, connection, and association skills in mathematics field and education studies.
  • To be able to use mathematical language accurate and efficient in planning mathematics teaching and learning process.
  • Plan the teaching and learning process based on mathematics teaching principles, the students' individual, social, and cultural differences, special interests and needs.
  • Keep up with the developments and innovations in mathematics education curriculum and apply them to theteaching activities.
  • Determine global and regional problems in the field of mathematics education and offer solution suggestions.
  • Evaluate mathematical development by using various measurement and evaluation methods.
  • Support and communicate with students and colleagues.
  • Perform and plan scientific study in the field of mathematics education relying on academic ethic rules.