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Graduation Requirements

The program requires a minimum of seven courses with a total of 120 ECTS credits,one non-credit seminar course and a non-credit thesis studies. Students must register for thesis studies the latest at the beginning of their third semester. Registration is renewed every semester then on.

At the end of the seminar course, students are required to give a 50-minute oral presentation outlining the scope of their thesis work and the work they have done up until that time. The presentation is open to an audience.The advisor grades student presentation by taking into account the evaluation of the lecturers present.

Upon the completion of all requirements of a program and submission of all the following documents to the Institutes, students are entitled to receive a diploma:

Jury reports
Bound copies of dissertation or written work
Three CDs of the recorded dissertation or written work
The data entrance form and permission slip for the dissertation required by the University Library and Higher Education Board.
Only after all the required documents are submitted to the Institute does the student receive a diploma. The name of the department program completed will appear on the diploma. All diplomas are signed by the Director of the Institute and the President of the University.