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General Information

The objectives of the MS programme is to give the student the opportunity to gain competence in an area that he/she wants to work professionally, to enable him/her to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for independent economic analysis and research, and to equip those who want to continue their studies at Ph.D. level with a firm grounding in theory.The programme is open for graduates in economics or in a closely related field, and for those with a good grounding in mathematics and statistics. Those who are not graduates of economics have to go through a preparatory programme as deemed necessary by the Institute.The programme takes 4 semesters. The first two semesters are for compulsory courses and the 3rd and 4th semesters for electives. Of the electives, at least 3 have to be in the area of specialization chosen by the student. Courses coded 600 are at an advanced level and registration for them are subject to completion of the prerequisites, or to the permission of the Institute. The student may take more elective courses than required by the programme, either on credit or non-credit basis. The MS degree can be undertaken on with thesis or without thesis basis. Those who choose the thesis option, have to do their thesis in their area of specialization; and those who take the without thesis option have to prepare an essay long project based on original research.
The aim in the master's programme without thesis is to give the student extensive knowledge and application skills in areas of specialization related to the profession and show the use of existing knowledge in profession.