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General Information

The objective of Baskent University, Vocational School of Health Sciences
is to educate and train qualified healthcare technicians in order to meet
the demands of rapidly changing healthcare sector.
The vocational school offers nine different programs: Operating Room
Services, Anesthesia, Dialysis, Physiotherapy, Pathology Laboratory
Techniques, Medical Documentation and Secretarial Skills, Medical Imaging
Techniques, Elderly Care. Based on modern approaches and up-to-date
information, our programs are run by experienced lecturers in their
fields. The common medical, behaviour sciences and social sciences classes
are offered along with program-specific lessons for each department.
Before the clinical practice, our students have the opportunity to conduct
experiments and carry out hands-on-lessons on dummies and simulators in
well-equipped modern laboratories. The major practical trainings take
place in the medical centres of Başkent University under the supervision
of their lecturers, taking students' individual preferences into account.
Our students are prepared to the demands and requirements of the medical
sectors for which they will work through 30-day-long-training during the
summer break of the first year and also via weekly practical
32-hour-long-trainings during the fourth academic term.
Students can also be transferred to relevant the four-year-long BA
programs in comply with the regulations.