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General Information

Basic education is the first formal education and training period in which children acquire basic knowledge and skills in order to be successful in life. In our country, 12 years of compulsory education consists of three grades, each of which is 4 years. The Basic Education Department of Başkent University Faculty of Education was opened to train teachers for two levels, primary and secondary schools, and to contribute to the field through scientific research. Active and productive individuals who have knowledge of all theories, concepts and phenomena of the field, who are responsible, who are creative, who strive to reach the highest level in all developmental areas, equipped with critical thinking and problem solving skills, besides providing the necessary equipment for the field, as well as learning approaches that improve and improve social aspects are used. Başkent University Department of Education Basic Education Department started education in 1999 academic year. There are two programs in the department, Preschool Teaching and Classroom Teaching.

Programs in the Basic Education Department:
The Pre-School Teacher Program covers the education of children aged 0-6 years who have not come to the age of compulsory education.
Classroom Teaching Program, primary school 1-4. is a program that teaches classroom

In these programs, field and field education courses, teaching profession information courses and general culture courses are distributed in four levels. Teaching knowledge and skills are taught by learning by doing in the laboratory and practice schools besides the theoretical courses.

Graduates from these programs can work as teachers in all formal and private educational institutions, as well as in educational institutions and educational institutions, as well as in children's programs for visual and print media and computer programs for children. They can also do academic work in related departments of universities.