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General Information

Baskent University State Conservatory was founded in 2003 as part of Fine Arts and Design Faculty. It was re-organized as a conservatory in 2006. Conservatory is active in graduate and undergraduate levels.

Undergraduate programs are open ın composition, music theory, piano harp guitar, string instruments. According to the opportunities we have each year, it is possible to offer scholarships to the successfull students in these programs.

The graduate studies are held under the Social Sciences Institution. High attention of the academics and the modern methods applied during the education process become an important factor in the development of our students in all programs.

The students have the opportunity to exhibit their works and personal development each year. In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in the concerts of Orchestra Academic Baskent, and in various TV and radio programs held in Kanal B and radio.

Thus, the Baskent University State Conservatory provides a suitable environment and atmosphere for the students to improve their skills.


  • State Conservatory
  • Department of Music
  • Composition and Music Theory Art Major
  • Program of Composition and Music Theory
  • Composition Art Branch
  • Music Theory Art Branch
  • Program of Composition and Music Theory
  • Piano, Harp, Guitar Art Major
  • Profram of Piano, Harp and Guitar
  • Program of Piano, Harp, Guitar
  • Guitar Art Branch
  • Piano Art Branch
  • Program of String Instruments
  • Department of Performing Arts
  • Opera, Choir and Popular Music Singing Art Major
  • Program of Opera
  • Program of Opera, Choir and Popular Music Singing
  • Program of Opera Singing
  • Program of Popular Music Singing