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General Information

The Faculty of Science and Letters aims to educate and graduate the students with the abilities and knowledge in the areas of data gathering, analysis and data processing, and with Turkish and American Culture and Literature.

The departments, hosted within the Faculty, established their programs and provided the needed modern infrastructure and well qualified faculty to achieve these goals.

As of June 2013, the Faculty has 8 Professors, 4 Associate professor, 6 Assistant professors, 6 Instructors and 5 Research assistant, totaling to 29 full time faculty members.

The Faculty of Science and Letters started its education with the Department of American Culture and Literature in 1994-95 academic year. The other three departments, namely departments of Statistics and Computer Science, and Turkish Language and Literature joined in the Faculty in 1998-99 academic year, whereas the Department of Psychology joined in the Faculty in 2008-2009 academic year.

The Faculty of Science and Letters has a computer laboratory and a audio visual laboratory, both are equipped with cutting-edge technological equipment. Moreover, the University Computer Center provides all the needed support for the education and research requirements of the Faculty. All computers on the campus are interconnected to a high bandwidth local area network, which provides an access to many international information resources for every user. The computer infrastructure has the necessary hardware and software and is capable of satisfying both the professional and amateur requirements of the students.

The academic programs of the departments in the Faculty of Science and Letters have been prepared in accordance to rules and regulations of international accreditation organizations. Each program contains the required departmental courses and non-departmental elective courses.