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General Information

Faculty of Science and Letters aims to train individuals who carry out research, think critically and question, generate ideas, exchange information, interact with their environment, and collaborate in teamwork, and who are equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize information technologies, thereby possessing self-confidence. To this end, education, research and development activities of the Faculty are designed to help raise the country?s socio-economic and cultural level, uplift the quality of education, devise solutions to societal problems in accordance with observable demands, and contribute to social service.

Faculty of Science and Letters was founded in the 1994-1995 academic year through the establishment of the Department of American Culture and Literature, which was followed by the Department of Turkish Language and Literature in 1998-1999, the Department of Psychology in 2008-2009, the Department of Sociology in 2013-2014, the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2016-2017, and the Department of English Translation and Interpretation in 2017-2018. In the 6 departments within the Faculty, 9 undergraduate and 9 graduate programs are offered. As of April 2024, the academic staff consists of 9 professors, 12 associate professors, 30 assistant professors, 2 lecturers, and 19 research assistants, a total of 72 full time academic personnel.