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Key Learning Outcomes

  • To have knowledge about the establishment, inspection and operation of the internal control system in businesses.
  • To have the ability to analyze and evaluate financial reports.
  • To have knowledge about the Turkish Tax System and Tax Law.
  • To improve the ability to solve problems that may be encountered in businesses.
  • To have knowledge about the auditing standards and application reports to be applied in case the company purchases various assurance services other than independent auditing (Integrated Report, Sustainability Report etc.)
  • To have knowledge about statistical techniques to be used in auditing and accounting.
  • To be able to detect and control frauds that can be done in businesses.
  • To have the ability to audit costs.
  • To have information about determining the values of companies.
  • To analyze the causes and effects of global, social and legal changes
  • To have an advanced level of professional knowledge
  • To have an understanding of professional ethics and responsibility
  • To be able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice