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General Information

Adana Vocational School of Health Sciences of Emergency and First Aid, was founded in 2008 under the vocational school of health. In this department, the language of instruction is Turkish but as a foreign language (Basic English) is taught.Graduates of this program receive Associate Degree Diploma and can work at emergency ambulance services including air and sea ambulances, at 1-1-2 emergency medical dispatch centers and hospital emergency departments according to health related regulations. Paramedic is the person who transports the patient to the nearest and the most convenient hospital , taking responsibility to lead the crisi, physical care, diagnose and life saving approaches and treatments.
Each year 40 students are accepted to the program which functions at Baskent University Adana Medical and Research Center Kışla Campus. The title rewarded for the program, providing that students accomplish all the graduation procedures, is Paramedic, which is a member of Emergency Team.