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General Information

Mechatronics Program within Kahramankazan Vocational School offerss a period of two years education after high school. Student is selected among graduates of related vocational high schools and also by National University Entrance Examination. In our programs, we offer education with full scholarship (100%) and 50% discount (50% scholarship). The scholarships given during the education period are not cut. Students have to take and pass all compulsory courses and reach a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.00 before graduation. Furthermore, students are required to participate in a 20 days of internship in appropriate organizations.


  • Kahramankazan Vocational School
  • Department of Accounting and Tax
  • Program of Accounting and Tax Applications
  • Program of Bureau Management and Executive Assistance
  • Program of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
  • Department of Electronics and Automation
  • Program of Control and Automation Technology
  • Program of Electronic Technology
  • Program of Mechatronics
  • Department of Foreign Trade
  • Program of Foreign Trade
  • Department of Machinery and Metal Technology
  • Program of Machinery
  • Department of Management and Organization
  • Program of Business Administration
  • Program of Logistics
  • Department of Material and Material Processing Technologies
  • Program of Industrial Raw Materials Processing Technology
  • Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies
  • Program of Automotive Technology
  • Food Processing Department
  • Program of Food Quality Control and Analysis
  • Program of Food Technology