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General Information

Nowadays, defense industry requires qualified, eligible and well educated human sources, specifically engineers. In defense industry, this requirement was being satisfied with fresh engineers graduated from mechanical, electronics, computers and software engineers of distinguished universities in Turkey. But, design, manufacture and testing of weapon systems and defense products need a special graduate education focused on these systems. Unfortunately, these kind of educations for MS and PhD level were not available in our country until now.

That is why this program was initiated to educate young, fresh engineers who desire to be expert in their defense area together with defense focused thesis subjects. This effort was strengthened by signing SAYP protocols with featured defense companies such as TAI, Aselsan, Havelsan, FNSS, Nurol makina vb. under the umbrella of SSM.

This program is aimed to provide information depth and accumulation for the engineers who already work or want to be employed in defense industry and to widen their engineering vision in the scope of defense products mentality.