General Arrangements for the Recognition of Prior Learning

The candidates who are placed in the institutions of higher education by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) are enrolled with their diplomas received from secondary education institutions. The students admitted to Başkent University have to take an English proficiency examination conducted by the English Language Department. Those students who pass this examination continue their studies in the departments they have enrolled in, but those students who fail attend a one-year preparatory English language program. Students who have graduated from Associate Degree programs and passed the External Transfer Examination conducted by ÖSYM can be placed in the programs that follow up the programs they have already graduated from.

Double Major/ Minor Opportunities: Başkent University offers the students the opportunity to study in a second field (B.A.) together with their major and get double diplomas if they can meet the necessary requirements. Likewise, our students can do M.A. in a minor program and get a degree in that field. Such students get a Minor certificate together with their B.A. diplomas.

Transfer Within the Institution: There is the opportunity to transfer to other programs of Başkent University and get the diploma of that program.

Başkent University Statutes and Regulations

Educational Recognition of Exchange Students:

The documents needed for an assessment of the equivalence of the courses taken on the exchange program are the Learning Agreement, the Academic Recognition document, and the transcript taken from the host university. Students who have completed their study in the host university apply to the relevant department with their original transcripts for the equivalence assessment of the courses taken. This process is carried out with the Faculty/Institute Board on the proposal of the related Department/Head of Department Erasmus Coordinator, thesis and/or academic supervisor and the Head of the Department. The related Academic Board is authorized to decide about the courses which aren’t indicated in the Learning Agreement and the Academic Recognition documents. The equivalence assessment is entered to the student’s academic record and indicated in the student’s transcript by the Student Registrar’s Office
“Başkent University Directive For Erasmus And Other Exchange Programs”