General Admission Requirements

Admissions to the programs are made in accordance with the rules and regulations set down by The Higher Education Council of Turkey in compliance with the laws and statutes. Students apply to Başkent University on the dates announced in order to complete their enrolment to the programs. Unless a written excuse is presented, enrolment procedures have to be carried out by the students themselves individually. The process is administered by the Student Registrar’s Office.

Başkent University Statutes and Regulations
Exchange Students: For a foreign exchange student to study at Başkent University, there must be a student exchange agreement between Başkent University and the student’s home institution. Administrative procedures are completed by the International Relations Coordination Office and the registrations are administered by the Student Registrar’s Office. Candidates who wish to apply for the Student Exchange Program have to submit their documents to the International Relations Office before the announced deadline.
“Başkent University Regulations for Erasmus and Other Exchange Programs”
International Students: In order to apply as an international student, candidates should check our international students web page: