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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Has theoretical knowledge and practical skills supported by current course materials related to developments in psychological science.
  • Thinks, questions, and comments in a creative, critical and dynamic fashion with the knowledge and tools acquired.
  • Can analyze and synthesize knowledge of the subdomains of psychology and other scientific disciplines.
  • Has the skills to define, analyze, evaluate and assess the alternative solutions for the personal/social problems encountered and apply the best solution addressed by scientific knowledge.
  • Selects the research method (observation, interview, questionnaire etc.) and data gathering tools pertinent to the research question (qualitative or quantitative) and analyses the data with the statistical knowledge using the necessary software (Jamovi, R, MAXQDA, NVivo etc.)
  • Interprets the results obtained from the research according to the scientific literature and reports them in accordance with the appropriate writing format (APA, MLA etc.)
  • Presents the results of the research in national and international conferences and publishes them in scientific journals, books, and similar resources.
  • Can effectively utilize appropriate methods for presenting, sharing, and discussing scientific knowledge.
  • Have knowledge about the measurement tools in applied psychology, alongside their applications, evaluations, and reporting.
  • Can use the library, scientific databases, the internet, and other sources of information effectively.
  • Is qualified for the requirements of training on Turkish and English languages.
  • Uses the acquired knowledge by adhering to professional ethical principles.
  • Acknowledges the importance of individual differences and biodiversity for life.