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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the universal and social foundations and effects of legal norms
  • To approach legal problems on the grounds of human rights
  • To determine the legal problem, analyze it, and identify the legal rules that should be applied to the problem
  • Thinking conceptually, evaluate the conceptual and practical knowledge, and to apply these to the legal issues
  • Reach national and international legal sources and use these sources in practice.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and oral skills within the process of regulating the legal relationships and
  • Analyze the relationship between the state and the society, state and individuals, and between individuals themselves.
  • Be interested in the social, economical, political, and legal problems of the era; have knowledge about those issues; approach those issues in an interdisciplinary manner
  • Have work discipline in legal field, and have the consciousness of professional and ethical responsibility
  • Have the ability to empathize and have a developed understanding of justice
  • Produce written and oral scientific studies in the legal field
  • Have ability to use technology-based professional programmes which are related to the legal field