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General Information

The aim of Başkent University Faculty of Education is to qualify teachers who are well-equipped with scientific skills and interests in their fields of study. We also aim to train teachers who have the responsibility for society as well as having artistic, literary and cultural ambitions. They are devoted to Ataturk's principles and maintain democratic values and support the national culture. They are required to be life long researchers and to have a vision in education with clear objectives.
To reach this aim, the philosophy of our Faculty is based on
innovation in line with national and international developments in learning and teaching processes as well as the effective measurement and assessment in education.
sensitivity to the educational needs and expectations of our society, specifically to the needs of public and private institutions.
Transparency and sharing spirit in scientific enquiry.
Our faculty exposes students to radical educational ideas that help them learn by living, doing and structuring the knowledge they gain during their education. In our faculty, by means of measurement and assessment activities, it is intended that the students, the teachers and the administration be provided with valuable effective feedback. Academic staff are intensely involved in national and international academic activities and institutions. As a result, they are sensitive to recent educational problems in their immediate environment and their society, and create solutions with regard to academic activities. The faculty publishes academic work in addition to generating and conducting research projects intended for various academic settings.

The Faculty continues their efforts in the service of science and society in its pioneering role on the way to train teachers of the 21st Century.