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General Information

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Master Program with Thesis; It is a multi-disciplinary program that incorporates the art of business, nutrition, tourism, food and cooking.
In this program, it is planned to be a chef and manager in the food and beverage sector and to train sector members and academicians who can conduct research on national and international cuisines and enable Turkish Culinary Culture to be introduced worldwide.

As the food and beverage industry grows day by day, the need for well-trained human resources is also increasing day by day. Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Graduate Programs, to meet this need; It aims to train creative and researcher leadership candidates who are equipped with the skills and abilities to produce and apply this knowledge and have analytical thinking and communication skills.

Gastronomy, which is a new branch of science, which examines the intercultural differences including supplying, storing, hygiene and artistic presentation of materials, except for the preparation and preparation of food and beverages, and the demand for this science, are increasing day by day.

Another aim of the program is to provide students with a strong academic knowledge, research and problem solving skills in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts.
The conditions and process of admission to the program are determined by the Directorate of Başkent University Institute of Social Sciences.
There are two options in the program with thesis and without thesis. Admission requirements are as stated in the relevant section. All bachelors graduates can attend to the program. Scientific preparation can be taken as an optional for one term.