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General Information

Başkent Üniversity Art History and Museology program requires 164 ECTS credits, the student s are required to complete 120 ECTS credits from art history and museology program, 36 ECTS from English language Courses, 4 Turkish Language, and 4 from Atatürk Revolutions and History.

The aim of the Program is to implement students with interdisciplinary knowledge of contemporary art, design, and technology while giving them courses on museology, exhibition, and conservation techniques. After graduation the studenst will be able to combine both teoretical and practical knowledge upon preservation of cultural heritage and monuments, while considering ethical values.
After graduation the studenst will be able to work both in governmental offices and private associations, or work as an advisor for museum or museum based establishments. They can work in Turkish Cultural and Tourism Ministry, or in cultural sections of local municipalities.
They can work in private museums, or create virtual museums by using multimedia technologies.