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General Information

In recent years, the nature of qualified manpower in field of education is changed as the result of developments in technology and educational approaches. The use of computer and information technologies for efficient teaching and learning required individuals who are both capable of using this tools and who are capable of analyzing various methods and theories for the efficient application of this tools into various educational settings. It is apperant that there is a growing need for the detailed search in the field of education to increase the efficiency of learning and teaching through using instructional technologies both in national and international basis. In that respect our department aims to graduate students who are capable of bringing scientific and practical solutions to educational problems with techniques such as inquiry, problem solving and conducting research.
The areas of the study within this program are;
-Computer based instruction
-Multimedia and interactive video systems
-Instructional design and development
-Instructional material design and development
-Distance Learning
-Learning management systems
-Semantic web applications in education
-Learning objects, learning repositories, ontolojies for web based applications
-Web based material development
-Pre and In-service teacher training
-Courseware evaluation