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General Information

Mechanical Engineering includes the subjects concerning design, analysis, production and safety issues of the products in every aspects of modern society, and therefore functions in a wide range of engineering. Mechanical Engineers can work in various industrial facilities; primarily in the fields such as energy systems, heat and fluid mechanics, engineering design and production, automotive sector, design and production of dynamic mechanisms. Due to the developments in technology, Mechanical Engineers play an important role in chemical, environmental and biological designs. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program equips the students with the skills of analyzing, synthesizing, modeling and solving engineering problems by teaching them basic knowledge in the fields of mathematics, science, materials science and mechanical systems.

6 Professors, 7 Assistant Professors and 6 Research Assistants are currently working in the Department. Our expert faculty members and staff population was carried out with high-quality education program is offered. 30% of classes ın the program are tought in English.