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General Information

Industrial Engineering Department of Baskent University was established in 1998. Our expert faculty members and staff population was carried out with high-quality education program is offered. 30% of classes ın the program are tought in English.

Great importance is given to the issue of our department, consulting, and support each student's educational and social life should be taken to trying.

English language proficiency requirement of the program, and the fact that 30% of the classes are conducted in English ensure that each graduating student reach to a satisfactory level of English language proficiency in his/her field of study. Our students in 7th and 8th semesters can make their final projects within the framework of university-industry cooperation. Some projects are carried out in international cooperation and is supported by TUBITAK. Senior Projects exhibition, all the projects presented to industry representatives. Our students benefit from European Union member states make use ERASMUS program and earn abroad experience. In our department, we believe that implementation of new approaches provide major benefits for the Turkish industry and also Turkish economy. For this reason, the Department of Industrial Engineering is in close collaboration with the industry and business world. This strong relationship is maintained by doing joint projects and 2 summer internships includes 40 working days which aims to incorporate informations and practical training to provide engineers ready for real life.