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General Information

Management Information Systems (MIS) Discipline is a branch of science that can meet the needs of universities, business world, industry and society in this context. It stands out as a department that examines the effective use and design methods of today's rapidly developing information systems to solve problems in business and management, monitors and implements innovations, and integrates business, manpower and technology. The MIS department combines the fields of human, technology, system and information management and provides students with innovative and analytical thinking knowledge and skills. It is possible to define MIS itself as various information systems that make information meaningful to the decision maker/implementer for use in decision-making processes.

The main purpose of the MIS graduate program is to develop information systems for the business and academic world, to use these systems effectively in management, and to train people who will enable businesses to achieve competitiveness in this way. In this graduate program, business management and information technologies will be studied within the framework of interdisciplinary understanding. Students are first taught the basic concepts of information technologies and business management. Then, with courses that integrate the two fields, information systems development, management, decision-making processes, etc. The aim is to learn the concepts. It is aimed to develop students' research, theory and application abilities in the field of MIS through courses supported by laboratories and projects.