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General Information

The Department of Turkish Language and Literature started its program in the 1999-2000 academic year. The aim of the department is to equip the students with the skills to carry out research in academic and professional levels and to give them scholarly background in this area.

In the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, the curriculum consists of courses related to the topics such as historical background of Turkish language and its development; historical periods of Turkish literature; literary genres and movements; literary theories and criticism, textual analysis; Turkish folklore.

It is the general policy that all graduates of Başkent University are proficient in English. Students are encouraged to learn foreign languages other than English so that they can become familiar with the basic information technologies and use them in accordance with the requirements of the information age, which will bring them a great deal of advantage in their professional life. Students are also provided with the opportunity to take elective courses from other departments.

In the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, the curriculum is conducted on the fields of Turkish, Turkic Languages, Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature, and Turkish Folk Literature.

Our graduates can be employed at institutions of secondary and higher education, and also in the sectors of media, tourism, communications, public relations etc.