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General Information

Established in the 2013 academic year, the Graduate Program in Museology is a two-year program leading to an M.A. degree. Students may complete the program with or without writing a thesis. The language of instruction is Turkish. The program represents a new departure for Museology in Turkey, in that it offers graduates the chance to take one academic year of foundation courses in museology, and subsequently to specialize in whatever areas they choose. All the work in the M.A. program is designed to develop students' research skills, encouraging self-reliance. In this way, it is hoped that the program will serve as a preparation for those wishing to pursue an academic career, as well as for those wishing to work in museums both government or private as well as on private collections.
The academic staff consists of 5 professors, 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors, 3 instructors.
The Museology Program is open to all students who successfully completed an undergraduate degree. The program aims students to deepen their knowledge upon this inderdisciplinary program, hold on academic ethical values both on national and regional values while creating joined research on the fields of museology, exhibition, restoration, conservation and multimedia technologies.
Museology plays an important role on the cultural formation of societies. The contemporary applications on the museology field is formed by researchers who built up knowledge and application by using their specializations.
Not only technical fields such as architecture, conservation, restoration and etc but also social sciences felds that involve design, and exhibiting models form the basis for the Program.