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General Information

Our unit, which was established as "English Language School of Başkent University" in 1994 and gained the qualification of "School of Foreign Languages" on August 26, 2014, is composed of three departments, namely, the Preparatory Department, the Department of Academic English and the Department of Modern Languages.

Our mission is to teach primarily English and other languages such as German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Russian as foreign languages to the students who are enrolled in all the vocational and undergraduate programs at Başkent University and, within the framework of this aim, to supervise the work of all departments constituting School of Foreign Languages and provide the cooperation between the Preparatory Department and the Department of Academic English, and thus to provide Başkent University students with foreign language education in line with contemporary standards.

Our vision is to hold an efficient position in foreign language education nationally and maintain our educational activities within the framework of the general academic, scientific and pedagogical scope of our university in search of the truth, the progression, the innovation and the best.